Leadership Programs

Summer and year-long leadership programs for young adults

Developing the next generation of leaders

If you are a college student or graduate looking for leadership opportunities or work experience, or if you're considering a career in ministry, The Bible Chapel offers leadership programs that might be a fit for you. 

Two types of leadership programs

Depending on your availability, academic year, or career stage, you may be interested in either of the following programs:

Summer Leadership Program

A 12-week program for college students seeking to develop skills and experience across a variety of disciplines in a ministry environment. This program is a short-term version of our Residency Program.

Residency Program

A 9-month program for candidates seeking to prepare for vocational ministry. Most applicants have completed college or are taking online classes. This program provides participants with a breadth and depth of experience in all the workings of ministry over the course of a school year, from August to May.


Purpose of the Leadership Programs

Both the Summer Leadership Program and the Residency Program share a fourfold purpose:



To develop leaders who are sharp in their decision-making, scripturally sound in their judgment, and clear in communicating.


To develop participants' self-awareness and their ability to manage relationships with others by helping them cultivate their God-given identity.


To guide participants in seeing Jesus as the true treasure upon which their goals, paths, and priorities are based.


To foster environments and opportunities that allow participants to grasp their unique wiring and fully use their gifts to serve God.


Features of the Leadership Programs

The Summer Leadership Program and the Residency Program have the following components:



Participants spend about five hours per week learning to be a leader worth following. This includes: 
  • Bible exposition, Bible study methods, and theology
  • Spiritual life and calling
  • Leadership principles
  • Local and national church culture
  • Multisite ministry
  • Personal assessments
  • Forums with staff members, who share ministry insights 


Participants spend about five hours per week observing the workings of ministry. This includes: 
  • Attending all staff meetings
  • Receiving and shadowing a ministry mentor
  • Gaining understanding about the community through local events and speakers
  • Developing a ministry vision
  • Developing spiritually 


Participants are tasked with 10-15 hours per week of meaningful ministry responsibilities.

Students are paired with ministry mentors, who guide their work, answer questions, and provide feedback. Responsibilities may include:

  • Leading a small group, or leading small group leaders
  • Teaching a large group
  • Leading worship
  • Discipling
  • Ministry event planning and implementation
  • Developing social media strategy and content
  • Creating media, such as videos and graphics, for ministry use


Each participant has the opportunity to specialize in a particular ministry.

Students are encouraged to choose a specialty that aligns with their ministry or vocational goals:

  • Preschool
  • Children
  • Students
  • Special Needs
  • Young Adults
  • Men
  • Women
  • Care Giving
  • Outreach
  • Sports
  • Technical Arts
  • Creative Arts
  • Worship

Expectations of the Leadership Programs

The Bible Chapel maintains expectations for all students in the Summer Leadership or Residency Program. Students can also expect The Bible Chapel to invest in them intentionally and specifically.


What We Expect From You

Each student should demonstrate the following values:


Follow through with your word.


Be you. Let your fingerprints and gifts show in your efforts.


Set an example for others through your spiritual and personal growth. Steward those in your area of ministry.


Demonstrate that you are invested 100%. Fulfill weekly requirements, be present and passionate, and complete your program in full.


Be real in your leadership and relationships, and be honest about sin.


What You Can Expect From Us

The Bible Chapel will do the following for each student:


to your spiritual and professional development


a strategic plan for you that fits your specific gifts, passions, and perceived calling

Support and Encourage

your plans, efforts, and growth


loving and honest feedback regarding areas where you need to grow


monthly compensation as well as a week of vacation for summer residents, and two weeks of vacation for year-long residents

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when the program ends?

Graduates of our leadership program serve inside and outside of The Bible Chapel. Completion of the program does not mean participants will be offered a position on The Bible Chapel’s staff. However, based upon a participant’s experience, the Ministry Director or Pastor of his or her chosen specialty may serve as a reference and help network with other like-minded churches.

How many people will be accepted into the program?

Our nine-month residency program has four openings, and our summer leadership program has 10 openings.

Is there an age minimum or maximum?

No. However, the majority of our participants are between 18 and 30 years of age.

Do applicants need to be members of The Bible Chapel?

No. However, each participant will go through our Living Grounded discipleship material as part of the curriculum, which is part of our membership process. Participants are also required to attend weekend services at one of our campuses, and be involved in the church in various ways during the program.

What are the requirements of the program?

All participants must attend classes in person at our South Hills Campus every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Additionally, summer leadership participants must spend 20 to 25 hours per week engaged in ministry work, and residents must spend approximately 30 hours per week in ministry work.

When does the program start and finish?

The summer leadership program begins in mid-May and finishes at the beginning of August. The residency program begins in mid-August and finishes at the end of April.

Is this a paid program?

Yes. Participants are paid a monthly stipend during the program.

Am I permitted to have other jobs during the program?

If you choose to have another job while participating in the program, we expect that you will prioritize program work and classes first and any other job second. Secondary jobs may not interfere with the requirements of the program.

Will I get vacation time?

Summer leadership participants may take seven days of vacation, and miss five classes throughout the program. All seven vacation days must be taken at once, and missing one week of the program for vacation also counts as missing three classes.

Residency participants may take 14 days of vacation and miss 10 classes. Vacation must be taken in one-week segments, and missing one week of the program counts as missing three classes.


If you have additional questions, please contact