About Us

Vision and Purpose

We seek to be a Christ-centered, Spirit-controlled community of believers who faithfully preach, teach and apply the written Word of God with authority and relevance in the Greater Pittsburgh area and throughout the world.

Our mission is to glorify God by developing followers of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that healthy, individual development takes place in five essential areas:

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Word –

read and obey the Word of God

Worship –

participate in personal and corporate worship

Connect –

develop and nurture Christian relationships

Serve –

use spiritual gifts to serve God and others

Share –

tell others about Jesus
Furthermore, to fulfill its purpose this autonomous corporation intends to own and maintain a place for the public worship and service of God according to Holy Scripture. The Scriptures are our only source of authority in faith and practice. Our understanding of biblical truth is contained in our statement of faith (Article V).

Doctrine and Baptism

The Bible Chapel is a non-denominational, independent Bible church. Click here for our statement of belief and more information about The Bible Chapel’s position on baptism.

By Laws

Membership at The Bible Chapel

Membership at The Bible Chapel is about ownership, investment, and legacy. As a member of the Bible Chapel you will be invited to take personal responsibility for developing as a follower of Jesus Christ. You will also choose to personally invest in the spiritual development of others. By God’s grace, you will ensure the strong spiritual legacy of our church, as you carry on our vision and pass along our doctrinal beliefs to the next generation.

Many people come to the Bible Chapel and after a period time ask about membership. It has been our experience that people who begin asking about membership are usually looking for a place to belong. This type of belonging is best found in meaningful relationships and service, both of which are immediately available at The Bible Chapel.

Membership is more than belonging, it is about ownership and investment into the vision of our church. To equip people to carry out this high calling of membership, we desire for every individual to be grounded in their faith and personally known in a discipleship relationship prior to considering membership.

A person will be able to attend the Membership Luncheon following the completion of 20 sessions of the Living Grounded discipleship material. To begin a discipleship relationship now, click here.

The Membership Luncheon will be a two hour event, held three times a year, prior to our celebration weekends in the fall, spring, and summer. The Membership Luncheon is designed to guide people into even greater areas of meaningful relationships and service through the Membership Action Plan (MAP).

Click here to access the Membership Registration Form.

For more information, contact Vince Consoli at vconsoli@biblechapel.org or 724-941-8990.